12 May 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

So my Cherry Coke? Isn't even available in the little dolphin-killer plastic rings with 20 oz bottles! How is this right? I have to buy them individually at the 7-Eleven, apparently...

I got a notice from work on Monday morning that I'm going too slow. They acknowledged that while I may be distracted or multi-tasking, it may be because I'm thinking too hard about it and spending too much time on each individual document. Fine. I now avoid any distraction and focus, focus, focus. Today? I got a message that I'm going too fast and they're worried I may not be paying enough attention to each document. How does one 'average' their focus??

I have a chocolate show tonight. I do them about once a week, so it's not a big deal for me to get my stuff together during Maggie's nap. But this one's a bit further from home. I realized that I better get moving this morning as I have to leave the house half way through Maggie's nap!


Tammy said...

Always busy busy so it's hard to focus focus. Good Luck!

siteseer said...

hope it's a good show.