31 May 2010

Tis the Season?

I know I've brought it up a few times already, but I think I'm finally going to start exercising before I get to the point of wanting hydroxycut.

Next week is my last week on my latest work project, so my list of what I want to do with that minimum 20 hours a week is growing rapidly.

Besides exercising, I want to clean up and paint my office, re-paint Maggie's room, clean the house thoroughly, start trying some new recipes, and work my chocolate biz better again. Let's hope my motivation keeps pace with my good intentions!


siteseer said...

I hear you on the motivation.... in this heat it's really hard to stay motivated. I have to get up real early and work in the yard while it's still cool.

Wendy said...

You go girl - and what she said - goes for me too... some days I'd like to just come visit and change my name to Anonymous Chick with No Responsibilities, you can call me "Ann" for short...