04 May 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I'm resisting the urge to send my friend flowers for his birthday tomorrow. The only reason to send them would be to annoy him, mostly. He doesn't want his birthday celebrated, and doesn't want anyone to know about it. Which seriously tempts me to send flowers to the office he works at with about a thousand other people :D

Hubby and I were reminded that our birthdays are coming up. The State of Michigan was kind enough to send us our 'Michigan License Plate Renewal Notices' (translation: license fee bills). Ummm....thanks? Do other states do cruel things like this for your birthday?

If you've been following my other blog, I'm finally trying to bring it up to date. Never fear, I've been taking my photos each day, but I've been having computer issues that got me out of the habit of updating the blog each day. Sorry!

Maggie cried at the end of our playdate tonight...again. Poor girl is so bummed whenever playdates end! She'll be so excited to go to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time tomorrow though. I'm not telling her where we're going until we're on our way there - I don't want her to blab it at story time and make the other kids jealous, or be too excited to enjoy story time beforehand!


Carolyn said...

skip the flowers. TOTALLY send balloons. Flowers can be hidden. Everyone can see balloons and they are not even remotely low key.

siteseer said...

wow, you have lots of random things going on lol. Enjoy your time at chuck e cheese.

Tammy said...

Well how did Chuck E Cheese's go?

My sister-in-law didn't really want to celebrate her birthday so I emailed the local radio station. They told everyone about it that morning. She works at a school. Oh ya the kids were really happy to wish her a happy birthday all day long.