01 April 2010

I Told Him it was Good!

Hubby's currently in the other room watching The Princess and the Frog. And the baby went to bed an hour or so ago. It's not like we have some new fancy Samsung TV or something - he's watching it on our 5+ year old TV. It sounds more like something I would do than him.

Have you seen the movie yet? Earlier I sent out daughter out during one of the songs and told her to have daddy dance with her. I didn't peek, but I didn't hear any arguing, so I think he gave in and danced rather easily with our princess. :)


Carolyn said...

It's a good flick. It was also our first adventure to a movie that didn't end in having to leave early because the Babe couldn't sit still and use her quiet voice.

siteseer said...

how could he 'not' dance with her? She makes me dance to every single music on the video lol