30 April 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I wish I hadn't taken a moment to catch my breath last week. There are things I wish I'd accomplished that I don't have time for now!
  2. I'm so glad hubby is handy. The lawn mower quit working for him the other night, but he was able to fix it pretty quickly this afternoon.
  3. I get to go out with my friends tonight (more or less...). One of my friends is having a candle show, so we'll all catch up there. And I'm not bringing Maggie this time. She and daddy can stay home and have their own fun :)
  4. I am loving this beautiful weather today! But it sure made it hard to quit taking a break for lunch and get back to work.
  5. When I finally called to reserve our spots for the Fairie Tea for Mothers' Day at one of my favorite bookstores, I got the last two tickets! Talk about lucky!
  6. The clipboards I earned as a March sales incentive came in today. Another yay!! They are customizable on the back where you can slide in any sheet of paper with information you'd like to promote. I want to set them up right away, but I hav a lot of other things that need to be done first.
  7. The end of my tongue feels like I burned or bit it. Ouch.
  8. I think the only thing we have scheduled this weekend is my Cakes class on Sunday. This should mean we can have a really fun weekend, but it will probably mean I'll try and get more hours of work in. Oh well...
  9. I keep forgetting to order more catalogs and order forms...I've got to get that done...
  10. We hadn't gone to Max and Erma's in quite a while. Maggie and I took Grandpamamama for lunch today. I ate every bite of my Erma-sized BBQ burger. Yum!!

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