29 March 2010


I am relieved to be back to a somewhat normal schedule for a couple days, anyway. I disappeared last week because I ended up with several jobs (got called to work on an internet project, as well as still on an ongoing project, and had two chocolate shows on top of, well, life), while still acting as a single mom until hubby came home Sunday night. It was a lot going on all of a sudden! So I probably could have updated you last night, but the same time hubby got home, a project wrapped up and I had a date with my mattress!

Now I'm back to the ongoing project and the chocolate biz, but mostly trying to have all my loose ends wrapped up tomorrow so I'll be ready for my heart procedure on Wednesday. I have to spend Wednesday night at the hospital for observation, but then I'm free for the rest of the weekend! (Well, except there's a meeting I really want to go to on Thursday night..hahaha) Apparently being busy is an addictive habit!

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siteseer said...

That's what life is all about. See you Wednesday morning.