05 March 2010

And After Lent?

I am not (by any stretch of the imagination) Catholic, and haven't given anything up for Lent in years. I used to only realize Lent had arrived because of the paczki showing up on a table in the office. Now that I'm not in an office? I didn't realize it was here until a hostess called to postpone her chocolate party until after Easter because of people dieting for Lent. Hopefully they'll be ready to really indulge and buy one of everything from the chocolate catalog after giving it up for weeks!

I wonder if sales of a diet pill that works go down during Lent also. You know, since people are supposedly avoiding something bad for them anyway. Are Weight Watchers meetings suddenly empty? How serious are people about Lent? I honestly didn't even realize any religious significance until after I'd given things up. I just gave things up because other people did - sort of like it gave me something to do. A New Years' resolution a couple months late, if you will.

What (if anything) are you giving up for Lent? Is it just to give something up, or is it really something with religious significance for you?


siteseer said...

I don't usually give anything up... I start a journey of reading through the Bible or something else that I feel has a more positive impact on myself.

Bayley said...

I gave up religion for lent.

Unknown said...

I gave up alcohol, not that it was a problem, just enjoy a beer or glass of wine now and then. Also, meat on Fridays - yes, I'm Catholic.