04 February 2010

This Month's 'Holiday'

No, I'm not talking about Presidents' Day. I mean Valentine's Day! Do you have big plans? We probably won't do much more than go out for dinner sometime that weekend, and we'll probably bring Maggie with us :) Our wedding anniversary is even that week, but really - we get to celebrate with each other pretty regularly, right?

Right now, I'm shivering and tired. If I had to plan a V-Day dream date right now, it would probably involve a nice warm jacuzzi tub (somewhere they hopefully clean the spa filter), something warm and yummy for my tummy, probably some champagne (just because I'm a sucker for champagne) and snuggling up with my hubby in a super soft bed with the piles of soft, heavy covers (anything beyond that wouldn't make my site very family-friendly, now would it?).

If you could just decide what you want to do for February's big holiday, what would it be?


Grampys World said...

I would pretty much like to do about the same as you. Only for two or three days. Of course we can't. We have Maya to watch.

siteseer said...

It's a Sunday.... Maybe we'll go out to dinner.... or maybe take in a nice brunch. Every day is a day for 'love'