02 February 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Hubby's home again. Apparently the team decided to hurry home last night (instead of coming home today or possibly tomorrow...). He got in about 9 last night. Yay for surprises! Sorry I didn't get some of the stuff I wanted to get done around the house to make him happy :)

All three of us went to story time this morning. It was fun. Unfortunately Maggie and I won't be going back to that story time for a couple months because starting next week, it's immediately following our gymnastics class on the other side of town. I'm not the sort of mom who wants her kid in a billion classes at a time. I'd rather stick to a few enjoyable outings a week.

Tonight we headed to the movies! I'd been wanting to take Maggie to see The Princess and the Frog, but we hadn't fit it in so far. I was beginning to worry we wouldn't make it while it was still in the theater! One local theater was only showing matinees of it by now, but the other had a 6:55 PM showing - perfect timing for Maggie to get a nap, then all of us to enjoy dinner before heading out to top it off with popcorn - yay! We all liked the movie and the musical score. Maggie was dancing in the aisles, especially during the first song with the crocodile and the fireflies.

You'd think an 'easy' job like picking out a new picture to print and put in a frame in the living room would get done - maybe even knocking less pleasant jobs further down the list? But no....we still have a nail with nothing on it since we took down the picture with Santa Claus...

I signed up with another fun website - Formspring.me. On it, people can ask you questions, and you can answer them. It's easy to link to your blog, Facebook or Twitter account and find out what your friends really want to hear from you. Have you got a question for me? Ask it here!


siteseer said...

Wow, he did get home early. I thought he was expected home Wednesday. I called last night - you were at the show :) What a nice surprise.

Tammy said...

Maggie is getting big. Look her feet reach the edge of the chair. Sound like the movie was good, what fun!