08 February 2010

Maggie Cuteness...

Before I forget, here's a couple conversations with Maggie lately.

First off, last Friday we stopped by my old office to meet a friend for lunch. We stopped to visit with another woman I worked with named Lara. Lara is pregnant and was absolutely taken with cute lil Maggie. She came around the counter to show Maggie the toy box and converse with her.

Lara: You're so pretty!
Maggie: Look at my pretty eyes (as she opens her eyes wider).

Yup, I've held off on teaching her modesty. Who ever heard of a two-year-old with too much confidence??


Saturday night after dinner, while hubby was doing the dishes and I was working on laundry, Maggie called out to me down the hall.

Maggie: Mommy! I'm pooping!
Me: Would you like to sit on the potty and poop?
Maggie: No, I'm playing with my dollhouse.
Me: Are you still pooping?
Maggie: [GRUNT] Nope.

Knowing is supposed to be half the battle, right?


siteseer said...

look out!! With speech comes wonder. Wonder where they ever got that idea? :)

CastoCreations said...

hahahahahahahaha That is too cute. I am excited and terrified of my son starting to speak. :) I'll enjoy his random babbles for now (4 1/2 months old).

Carolyn said...

these so made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.