05 February 2010

Bills, bills, bills

It always kind of bums me out when I go with a post title like this one and it auto-fills...meaning I've already used it. Not that paying bills bothers me that much, but sometimes the monotony of my life isn't exactly uplifting. Each month it's mortgage, car insurance, utilities and medical bills (lately...). At least I talked the powers that be into holding off on the student loan for another six months.

You know, because I need a degree to be hanging out with Maggie all day. She is definitely smart, but any manipulating she gets away with isn't because of something she's learned in college that I haven't. It's her darn cuteness.

People say that my college degree makes it so I can tell Maggie how important it is to continue her education. I suppose I can say that, but I don't entirely agree with it. I feel it's very important to be doing something you love. There are jobs that people love and make a living wage at that don't require a college degree. Yes, I know there are more opportunities available with my degree, but the jobs I've loved best haven't used my degree - like being a mom :)

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Shannon and Randy said...

I feel nervous for a lot of women I represent who end up going back to school (at 40 and 50) after being SAHM's their whole lives because of divorces. Many of them are from rich areas of Oakland County and the end of their marriage ends a lifestyle they will never be able to afford again, even with alimony, child support and some of their ex-hubby's 401K. At least if god forbid something happened, you have your degree, although I hope you never really need it. I think they should make divorce insurance that would guarantee some security much like life insurance.