31 January 2010

Yeah, Right!

And the road to hell is paved with good intentions. :P Let's just say everything here looks the same as it did when Maggie and I left yesterday afternoon. I still need to clean up the kitchen (which looks fine and doesn't distract me from here, since I can't see down the hall and around the corner), pick up Maggie's toys (even though she'll just get them out again!), and work on my office (for me! And because maybe I'll find some gold coins or something in this mess). But to throw out yet another quote, "I'll worry about that tomorrow," (Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind).

For now it's time to finish up my six pages of reading for my church class this afternoon and get showered and ready to go.

And I did get to sleep until 10:30! I woke up briefly at 8:10, but rolled over and went back to sleep just because I could. :)

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siteseer said...

I wanted to roll over this morning. We stayed up late watching 'Mean Girls' and the morning came really early. Bet the kitchen and everything was still there when you got home.