14 January 2010

Tomorrow's Directive - Sleep In!

Here's hoping lil Maggie gets the message. She usually sleeps til 8:00 AM, almost exactly. But Tuesday? She woke up at 7:30. And today? 7:00 AM. Please do not tell me she is planning on this or any earlier tomorrow....

I have a slow waking system. It's partially because I'm lazy, and partially to try and minimize my back pain. Maybe msm supplements would help, but for now my own little plan works. I sleep on my right side, then wake up when hubby's alarm goes off the first time and start a little rotation. I lie on my back for the first snooze, then switch to the right when the alarm goes off the third time. Usually it's starting to feel a little more flexible by then.

But if someone decides she needs to join us (which means I'm staying in one spot while she nurses), or worse yet wants to head to the living room and start the day, all bets are off. An achy mommy is a cranky mommy!

Please sleep in, Maggie!


siteseer said...

she is so into her sleep here :) Precious

Tammy said...

Good luck!