21 January 2010

Tell Me Thursday

As I pretty much let you in beforehand, the picture for Wordless Wednesday yesterday was from swim class! I had never been to this pool before and was used to the community recreation center one from the next town over. A high school pool is much less...entertaining! No spraying thing, or dumping buckets, or mounts for a basketball hoop. Just a pool and a couple diving platforms. Hubby said there used to be a high dive, but that wasn't there anymore (his memory was from back in high school, not just the week before).

I'm glad I joined them yesterday instead of just going with Maggie myself when hubby is traveling on business. When we first get there, you get ready, but you can't get in the pool until the instructor gets there (rumor has it she usually runs late...). Yesterday she took a few minutes suggesting things for us to work on with the kiddos like floating on their back on your arms, jumping off the edge of the pool into your arms, and putting their head under water. Yeah. Maggie was keen on none of those ;) After a bit of swimming around with the instructor checking in with everyone, the last few minutes are spent singing songs (admittedly, my favorite part). Everyone got in a circle with the kids and sang the motorboat song, the wheels on the bus and the pancake song (which I remembered from the swim class Maggie and I took together a couple years ago).

Maggie loves going swimming! When she got out, she was shivering and her lips were blue, but she kept saying, "More swimming?" Next week, girly!

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siteseer said...

she's such a go getter. :)