19 January 2010

And Despite it All...

I keep trying to remind myself that some days will be brighter. It's not like I would realistically look for jobs in Philadelphia. My life is good. I try to show a happy face to those around me and not let my petty concerns bring down others - everyone has their own problems, right? Which inspires me to list (oh, yeah..another list from me? There's a shock!) five great things about my life.

  1. Maggie.
  2. Hubby.
  3. My overall health.
  4. Family close by (the 'rents and GiGi, as well as my brother, SIL and niece).
  5. The freedom (if not the energy) to do what I want with my life, within reason...There's some places I couldn't say and do what I want nearly as much as I do here and now.

Hopefully this isn't too trite. Honestly, when I get a shower and apply make-up these days I count them as accomplishments. My job doesn't pay well, but the boss is cute and the dress code is pretty lax ;)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

life is all about change.... and what's happening now or at any time will change. I love your attitude.... we can all be thankful for that right? Love you