22 January 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I almost typed 40 random things for a Friday...that would take me a month of Tuesdays to finish!
  2. We tried to go to the gymnastics/bounce house place this morning, but the open play time was full! And to go one better, you couldn't see the sign saying it was full until you got all the way up to the door. Luckily Maggie is pretty easy going and was satisfied to go to the library instead. Another girl in the lobby was very upset! My suggestion: They should get one of those silly little garage sale signs to put by the driveway when they're full. Save us the unbuckling and walking across the parking lot.
  3. We still got to have a nice lunch out with our friends after we went to the library. :)
  4. Didn't even know I was gone, did you? I went to call a couple customers/potential hostesses (got two voicemails) then decided to go get the mail. On my way to the mail I saw some boxes I hadn't unpacked (yes, more chocolate). I unpacked one of them, started on two more, and found a packet of cookie mix from something else. Now I want to go find a recipe I know I saw for making the cookie mix into snickerdoodles - YUM!
  5. Oh, yeah. I also got the cat box scooped out. Not sure how I ended up there.
  6. I just got an email in a totally obscure account I only used for the job that I did on-call until last June, when they laid everyone off for lack of work. I spend a couple minutes thinking how great it would be to have regular income again! Then I opened the message. Still nothing. But at least they keep me in the loop ;)
  7. You know what annoys me about drinking out of a can? Seeing the ceiling. In my office, I see the knitting I meant to try on the shelf over my head, and the stupid ugly fake flowers I got from Partylite like a decade ago that I still haven't thrown out. If I'm drinking in the living room, I see a random food splatter. How did food get on my living room ceiling? No idea.
  8. The good news? When drinking in my living room I no longer see the tiny little cord holder hubby put on the ceiling to hold speaker wires (until I told him the little holders were way too 'college-dorm-decorating' and had him put the wires down behind the floor moulding). The one lonely little clip that was still there was taken down by me yesterday. And it wasn't easy.
  9. I've got one of my favorite sorts of projects to do this weekend. I need to import a bunch of someone else's previous contacts into my newsletter list. I poked around and see no way to automate it, so it'll be copy and paste city for me! This honestly doesn't bother me. It feels productive, somehow.
  10. In between copying and pasting, I'm going to look for simple snack-ish dinners for Maggie and me while daddy is traveling for work. We don't eat enough to 'cook,' so I'll get stuff like refried beans for nachos, veggies and dip, and fish sticks!


Katherine said...

I'll see your cat box and I'll raise you two guinea pig cages, a rabbit cage and a rat cage. Well, at least tomorrow I'll raise you those, cause right now I'm TIRED! :)

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Nice job getting that clip down. That's the kind of thing that really bugs me too.

Amanda West said...

Brynn loves Taquitos, those are always good for a quick dinner!! :) (Chicken and cheese in flour tortillas!!)

siteseer said...

there's a lot going on in there :)