08 January 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Lists two days in a row? Oh well.
  2. Did you know that a ton of IT infrastructure needs can be taken care of by data center virtualization? Sounds handy...
  3. I have a boo-boo on my tongue after eating two orange suckers this week. Is it because they were still left from Halloween?
  4. I think we're going into a weekend with no plans! Wow! I bet hubby has something cooking... I could stay at home for days (heck, I do!) but him? Not-so-much.
  5. I was severely bummed that we got one of Maggie's holiday cards back in the mail yesterday. We'd already sent a family card to the same address, but when I sent Maggie's homemade adorable card it got sent back saying they didn't accept mail there - only at their P.O. Box. Now I guess they'll get their reindeer decoration and picture of Maggie with Santa in time for Valentine's.
  6. I am the only woman in the matriarch line of my family to not have a name starting with a 'J' in at least four generations (my mom is Judi, her mom is Jessie, her mom was Janet, and her mom was Jane).
  7. Maggie and I made it to story time this morning - and then we even had a playdate afterward. I think it counts as the most activity we've had this week. Definitely the most fun activity, anyway.
  8. Does FastPlay only work the first time through on a Disney video? I think I'm hearing the same song over and over from Snow White out in the living room...
  9. My tongue still kinda hurts.
  10. I'm ready for warmer weather, but I think next week is supposed to be even colder. Ugh.

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siteseer said...

wish I'd thought to name you with a 'j'