01 December 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


It's a sign. At my networking meeting tonight, they asked for our goals for 2010. I haven't given it a lot of thought, so I went with building my team for my chocolate business. I got home and there's a message from the company in my inbox. They're offering a business kit (what someone needs to start their own chocolate biz) for just $79 in December! How many people would rather start for $79 than $149? And begin making money right away? Heck yeah! They must have heard what I was planning to do... ;)

I've been looking at a Williams Sonoma gift card on my desk for a month or so. It ended up on my desk after I cleaned out my purse. The gift card? Is very old. I'm going to see how agreeable Maggie and I are to maybe heading to the mall tomorrow to check the value, and spend it if there is any. Or maybe I'll just call them. (Wow - that motivation slipped away QUICKLY!)

The holiday decorations have made it upstairs to our kitchen so far. I keep meaning to put them up, but I can't get Maggie to agree. I've gotten like one thing out of the box each day, then Maggie is so enchanted with it she doesn't want me to leave her side or actually display the item and get another one out. At this rate, we should have started in August.

Cute Maggie-ism: She walked up to me with her maraca that she pretends is a microphone and told me to say my name. When I said, "Becki," she corrected me. "No. Say, 'My name Mommy.'" Got it.

Oops - I've been all chilling out and surfing since my meeting, and I really should be doing the labels for our holiday cards. And then buying 150 stamps. Gulp.


siteseer said...

Gotta love that girl. Makes me smile all the time just thinking of her.

Tammy said...

Maggie is so cute! Isn't it wonderful how everything is a wonder to her. Enjoy.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

So cute, "mommy!"