01 December 2009

My First Day of Christmas

That's right - it's DECEMBER FIRST!!

The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector has made it on and off my wish list - mostly because I don't want to wait until December 25 to have it! It is awesome! I don't think hubby's exceptionally fond of the smell, but I really like it. My hands have been getting so dry lately - they were definitely softer back when I worked in an office and could put hand lotion on 50 times a day during phone calls. I don't get those kind of 'breaks' as a mom! I'm at the very bottom of the tube of this that I got for hubby in his stocking last year (or maybe even the year before?) - I need my own full one, and fast!

When I looked it up and wrote this post, it's on sale for only $9 (more than half off!), plus flat rate shipping is only $2 - can you see why I almost just bought it for myself instead of typing all this out to put it on my list? I highly recommend The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector (and I unfortunately have not been given a free sample or any other compensation to say all this!).


Tammy said...

I hope your hands make it to Christmas. Sounds like a good product and a great stocking stuffer.

Tina Kubala said...

I'm not crazy about the smell on this one either, but I love the product. My hands are always dry and very few lotions make a difference. The Body Shop Hemp works right away.

Court D said...

oooh goody my hubby will be so pleased. it has just enough 'hippy' in it for him!

siteseer said...

thanks for the idea.