19 November 2009

Your Holiday Wish List?

So tonight at my chocolate show I asked what everyone wanted Santa to bring them. We were all just making small talk, waiting for a few more people to arrive. I got one answer - a blender to replace a broken one.

I expected to hear big stuff like laptop computers, big screen tvs, game systems (although I think everyone already has one of those but us...).

Maybe I should have asked if they'd been good first, to see what they thought they might deserve! Hahaha... What are you asking for as holiday gifts?


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

All the things I can think of are small, household items too. Like new glass "tupperware," a new scrub brush, a few new spatulas. I'd love some clothes too but I have to pick those out myself and it takes too long. Who has time for clothes shopping?

siteseer said...

Isn't it wonderful that we are all so satisfied? Our household? We're going for the wii and wii fit :) Sorry we might be ahead of you :(, but you can use ours when you come over.

Thena said...

One of my canisters got broke, so a new set would be nice.

Patricia said...

I got laughed at earlier this week for mentioning the fact that I had a Christmas wish list. But I do, and I would love to get a Nintendo Wii for me and the kids, a laptop for my business and an iPod Touch (just for the apps since I already have a myTouch phone). I know it's a lot, but no one said I couldn't think big..lol!