05 November 2009

Tell Me Thursday

So now that you've seen my Wordless Wednesday post, I can give you the background on Maggie's latest cool gift from Mimi!

See, now-a-days kids aren't supposed to have any sort of bulky winter coat between them and their carseat. But who would really want to take off their coat as soon as you get in a cold car? Not me, so I'm guessing not Maggie! Maggie's Mimi made her (and her cousin) awesome ponchos. I think my brother and sister-in-law had an easier time introducing it to their six-month-old, but Maggie and I now call hers her 'twirly poncho.' It's much more fun to put on if you can twirl and watch it all fly around you right away ;) And it's so super soft and fuzzy it makes holding Maggie even more cozy than usual!


siteseer said...

you can tuck your hands in there and stay warm too ;)

Tammy said...

She looks so cute and warm in it.

Vixen said...

What an awesome idea. I think I will make some of those for my grandkids.