13 November 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. As much as the laptop annoys me (especially its moody keyboard!), I like that it keeps my lap warm. I've very frequently cold, but this keeps me cozy :)
  2. I don't watch tv usually, but I just heard the funniest radio preview. "On Dr. Phil today, a 20-year-old Amish girl gone astray." Then there's a woman's voice, "I never expected my daughter to end up in the porn industry." Amish porn. Huh. Please tell me I'm not the only twisted individual giggling about this.
  3. On our way to school this morning I noticed this business that I've noticed before...it's called 'Transitions Salon,' and I always expect to see a bunch of transvestites or sex change candidates coming and going from there. I've never seen anyone there, but I'll keep watching.
  4. I got new bunny slippers yesterday, but I got a medium-sized pair. I should have gotten the larges. Hopefully as some of the fluff gets smooshed down they'll fit better.
  5. I need more guests for the jewelry party I'm having next week. Have you seen their stuff? It's Jewel Kade. Go to www.slideshow.net and enter keyword Jewel Kade to look at the catalog. Feel like getting someone a unique holiday gift and helping me out at the same time? Let me know in the comments to this post and I can contact you about placing an order.
  6. I think Maggie is still awake in her room, when I need her to be napping. She's going to have a long night with all the moving around and leaving home and coming back - she'll enjoy it much more if she's not tired.
  7. The people across the street from me put out their outside holiday decorations a few weeks ago - a light tree and a sleigh with Santa in it. Then last week they took the Santa away but left the light tree. What's up with that? I hope no one is holding Santa hostage. That would really suck for the holidays...
  8. I think hubby forgot that I wanted the porch light and the lights at the end of the garage working before my party next week. I wish this was something I could do by myself, but I don't think electricity is a good hobby to pick up with no training. Maybe there will still be time for him to do it yet this weekend. I hope so - it's really dark out there at night for people to be walking to and from our front door.
  9. Maggie and I are still coughing, but not quite as bad as we were, I think. As I told a friend yesterday, at this point, coughing is just sort of a hobby that doesn't really mean anything. Even if the people at the mall were looking at us like we were spreading the plague yesterday.
  10. Post idea for anyone who wants it: Starting December 1, I'm going to do 12 Days of Christmas again. I'll post something I want each day, so when my family asks, I'll know where to send them! And I start it on the first so there's time to order the things on the 'net. In preparation, now is the time to start jotting down these nifty gift ideas big and small :)


Becki said...

Okay...on #2? I just heard the ad again, and it's a 20-year-old HONOR student, not Amish. Even funnier that I screwed that one up that bad!

siteseer said...

Keep an eye on the hair salon for me.... that sounds interesting.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I still have my halloween decorations outside! And Christmas shopping??? Darn, I guess I should start that soon...