27 October 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


Did I just almost miss my easiest post of the week?? Whoa! I'm busy browsing through business card templates. I need to order some more business cards, but can never decide on a design.... There are so many factors to consider - my website address is about 290 characters long (okay, but it feels like it!) and of course I'd prefer to have it on one line, I don't want a squirrely font that's barely legible (duh!), I can't pick anything too funky that wouldn't reflect my business at all (although the adorable pink skulls would reflect my personality pretty well!)...

Maggie has been wearing her purple tutu for two days (and nights) now. She actually got it for her birthday last year (or maybe Christmas?), but it was sitting in the closet forgotten. As she woke up from her nap yesterday, she was trying to wrap a quilt around her waist and say she was Cinderella. I told her I'd get out her Cinderella skirt. I would say the rest is history, but I need to mention that she calls it her Cinderella skirt. If I call it a tutu, she gets sidetracked and starts telling me how loud choo-choo trains are.

I got a new Longaberger catalog in the mail today and became much more motivated to clean up my office (please note that doesn't mean anything has actually been accomplished). They have such adorable little shelves and baskets and such. I crave organizational accessories, but loathe de-cluttering and organizing. Go figure.

There is still a nagging thought at the back of my mind that I'm totally forgetting something I should be doing this week... Maybe it's just the two phone calls I should have made today that I SWEAR I'll make tomorrow. But that doesn't feel like it. If I have plans with you, remind me, okay?


siteseer said...

I can't believe you forgot? not with me. I had an opportunity to go to Longaberger for a Christmas tour in December. I had to pass though because work is too busy then. :( When is she going to get over this train thing?

Jennifer said...

My daughter LOVES to play dress up. I seriously think it is her favorite thing. We have tons of princess clothes at our house.

StaceyC4 said...

I'm in the process of doing the business card thing, too. It is overwhelming!! Well, that and the fact that Vista Prints does NOT want to process my order!