13 October 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


I think I'm getting a sinus infection for the first time in like a decade :( On my list of things to do is calling the doctor, which I wanted to do about my cough that hasn't gone away for like a month anyway...

I can't stop eating Charleston Chews. I've only had the vanilla ones so far. The nougat is almost like marshmallow. Super yummy.

I'm really looking forward to trick-or-treating this weekend with Maggie. We're hoping to get a spot at a campground near my parents' house. This is their last weekend for trick or treating, and they're booked solid except the spots they won't reserve in advance...that's where we're trying to get in :)

I am so not ready for winter. I've been freezing for days already. I think I'm the only mom ever who doesn't put another layer on her child when the mom's cold...because I know I'm usually unreasonably cold!

Anybody have any clout with AT&T? We ported my number from one family plan with them to another with Verizon without realizing my contract had just been renewed last November. We'd love to get out of the cancellation fee! Anyone willing to be paid in Entrecard credits? Or just want to do a good deed that would really make me happy?

Since it rained last Friday (when Maggie and I were supposed to go on our cider mill field trip with our mom and tot playgroup), we still haven't been to a cider mill yet this fall! I'm looking forward to some fresh donuts and cider soon!

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siteseer said...

Dad'll check on that site tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed. The weekend is supposed to be good weather.