29 October 2009

It's Disney Live! Time!

Only a few more days til we get to go to Disney Live! Rockin Road Show. Poor Maggie needs a good time right about now! She's been having a rough couple of days. I can tell because she passes it on to me ;) I'm not sure if the humidifier is doing more harm than good in her room anymore, as her cough now sounds like it's returning, but mostly when she's in her crib trying to sleep. So we're turning that off for the night. I know she'll be excited to see Mickey Mouse again, though.

I almost (but not really...) wish she was a little bit older so I could tell her it's coming up. At two, she has no concept of 'a few days from now,' so I'm keeping the secret til Sunday morning. I'm sure she'll love it as much as she loved Disney on Ice, not to mention we get to spend the afternoon with Grandpama-ma-ma.

If you're still firming up your plans to go, don't forget you get $3 off tickets from ticketmaster with the code LIVE. We'll be picking up our free tickets for promoting/reviewing the show on our way in :) That's it for full disclosure and a YAY!!


Court D said...

yeah that sounds like a blast! it is so fun watching them experience new things like that!

siteseer said...

Hope she's better by then. I know she'll love the show.

Carolyn said...

We took your suggestion and found the show close to us. We went last weekend to the Playhouse Disney Live. The Babe still hasn't quit talking about it.

Rondi said...

The Disney Live sounds very exciting--she will love it!