25 October 2009

A GREAT Direct Sales Resource

If you've been to my blog more than once, you've probably heard me mention my chocolate business (or if you stumbled across it years ago, you'd have heard about my PartyLite candle business!). I've always been a 'do-er,' and if you're in direct/home-show sales, you probably are too. One of the sites that has been truly priceless to me in any of my home show ventures is BestofBoards.com. I joined this great community in September of 2002 and have enjoyed it so much I never really even left when I was out of direct sales for a few years!

BestofBoards.com is a resource for consultants of various businesses, built by consultants of various businesses. You'll find people from Partylite, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Jordan Essentials (formerly known as Country Bunny Bath & Body), Avon, Tupperware, some 'adult' companies and more. And if your company isn't represented yet? No worries - we all tend to operate a business with similar sales/booking/recruiting techniques. What works for another business can usually be altered and tried to test your success with it as well!

If you're interested in checking out 'BoB' (as we so affectionately call Best of Boards), be sure to register and introduce yourself to get two weeks free trial premium membership! Tell them Becki sent you, and be sure to tell me hi once you get there :)


Anne said...

I don't do direct sales, but I have a client that runs its business somewhat similarly. I will have to check it out.

Tammy said...

What a good way to get fresh ideas.