23 October 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Yay! We're going to Red Lobster with Mimi tonight!!
  2. (Oops...I just got totally distracted by the menu and almost forgot to come back!)
  3. It's been rainy and miserable all day here. I've wanted nothing as much as to crawl back under the covers and try to keep cozy!
  4. We've still got a phantom pooper. If you ask Maggie (when she's obviously smelly) if she's pooped, she says, "No, thank you." That doesn't explain the mess in her diaper...just sayin...
  5. I've got the munchies now, but I want to be hungry for dinner!
  6. There. I now remembered to call hubby and tell him we are probably leaving for dinner before he gets home, so he won't wonder where we are when he stops by here on his way out for the night.
  7. There are like 11 bricks on the floor by the door of my office. I'm not sure why. They used to be used on top of filing cabinets to hold up an extra counter. The filing cabinets and the counter made it to the basement. The bricks? Are still here.
  8. Tomorrow morning Maggie and I are going to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It's another free matinee. What does this really mean to me? Popcorn for breakfast - yum!!
  9. I fixed the grandfather clock this week, and I'm quite proud of myself. It started chiming any old number of times on each hour (twice at eight o'clock, or four times at midnight...). I finally dug out the books at the bottom of the clock and read through til I found how to fix it. And I did - and it worked! Go, me :)
  10. I think I'm going to get something with shrimp scampi, and definitely enjoy the cheddar bay biscuits.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Those biscuits are THE BEST! Have a nice time. And way to go on fixing the clock!

siteseer said...

You're getting to be just like your father. You can fix anything.