02 October 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. How is it possible that I feel better again? Luckily I seem to have a pretty short memory of feeling crappy.
  2. Have you entered my contest yet? C'mon - get on it!
  3. I couldn't find anyone to go out for lunch today. The friend I was already seeing in the morning had plans by lunch time, and the other friend I tried to call, the call went straight to voicemail. Maggie and I went and got a pizza instead. Too bad I forgot her daddy's taking her out for pizza tonight. Sorry, kid. Hope you like it as much as Mimi (but I think you do ;) ).
  4. I think the office really is going to get an overhaul soon. We want to have two desks and two work counters in here. Hope we don't need to knock out a wall too. Yeah. I can't really visualize that many work spaces in here yet...
  5. Have you tried Dove's Sea-Salted Caramels yet? Omigoodness. To die for, I'm telling you. Hubby and I finished off a box already this week, but I'm craving them again.
  6. It is such a weight off now that I won't be working an afternoon-shift job. There were so many things I was going to miss out on just in the next month or so. Now? I'm back in the loop - yay!!
  7. Oh! I almost forgot to head over to the Walgreen's site to register for my practically free photo book (just $1.99 shipping). I need to point this out to hubby too.... Today is the last/only day to register for it, I believe!
  8. I got our Halloween decorations up yesterday (except the ones that I'll impulse buy between now and the end of the month - those I'll put up as I get them - hahahaha). Halloween is my favorite!
  9. Maggie has taken to doing the most adorable thing (for the moment). She'll say, "Mommy?" And then when I look, she'll put her finger on the side of her cheek and tap it like she's thinking for a minute before she 'remembers' what she wanted to tell me. Completely cracks me up every time, but I try to keep a straight face for her.
  10. My Leona Naess station on Pandora is just perfect for this rainy fall day.


Anonymous said...

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