15 September 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I seem to have more to-do lists running through my head lately than random thoughts, but whatever.

Now I'm upset. I had one box of Dove Sea-Salted Caramels that I'd opened and served just a few of at a tasting last week. I think I packed them in the cooler after that...now they all sweated or something, so instead of having cute little salt sprinkles, they're all suspended in salt water :( Not nearly as good as the originals (but still yummy, I admit).

I found shoes to go with my dress (that I won from Shabby Apple and The Apron Goddesses) for just $9 at Payless! Go, me!

I may actually go to bed early tonight. I've had this darn cough for so long. It's to the point now that I'm not coughing constantly, and I actually sound okay when I'm not coughing, but I still feel like there's a giant monster sitting on my chest half the time. Not breathing is exhausting.

I'm glad President Obama called Kanye West a jackass. If the shoe fits...

I haven't seen the spider in my office again, but I did kill one in the bathroom the other day. It was up on the counter. I usually expect them on the ceiling or the floor. I'm not sure if he had crawled out of my clean clothes on the counter for the day, but I hope not. I'm now shaking out my clothes really well before I put them on. Ew.


Tammy said...

I'm sure the candy taste yummy still.

siteseer said...

you and spiders lol. too funny. you need to take the cat and the child out for the day and bomb the house. That's the only way you will rid your house of them for the season.