18 September 2009

FREE Chocolate Tastes Better!

Free Chocolate Friday!! Thanks, Mars! And now, a few words from the generous folks at Mars, who are giving free chocolate to another 250,000 lucky folks today:

Mars, Incorporated, maker of some of the world’s favorite brands, such as Dove® Chocolate, M&M’S® and Snickers®, has a legacy of chocolate making excellence. Our scholarly pursuit to understand everything related to the history of cocoa and chocolate is reflected in our American Heritage™ Chocolate brand. These chocolates are made in the authentic tradition, inspired by a handmade process and preserving our culinary history.

What can you count on your chocolate lady for if not free chocolate, right?
Additionally, starting next week I'll be sending out a monthly newsletter about new developments, products and other fun stuff over at Dove (which, by the way, is part of Mars). If you're interested, please send your name and email address to ILoveFreeChocolate at gmail.com with Chocolate Newsletter in the subject line.

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siteseer said...

got my free candy thanks for the reminder