14 September 2009

Bills, bills, bills

So this week is pay-week again. I'm so grateful that we have money coming in (okay, mostly hubby's job, but I do try to contribute!). It is technically enough, but just like Vincent and Spuddies (in Over the Hedge), "enough is never enough." There are always bigger bills sitting off to the side, just getting a little bit at a time. Lately it's some stuff I need done to my teeth. Not even anything fun! ;) We could have been using flex-savings to set aside the money pre-tax, but we didn't find out what I'd need in time. Too bad there isn't something cheaper I can buy that would finish off the cost, like a Medicare supplement for people who are too young for Medicare and probably wouldn't qualify for a supplement anyway ;)

Yeah, I'm not all that worked up about it. Pay-week is happy, even if there isn't usually money left to satisfy all my dreams at the end. Without leaving dreams, what would I still be working for, right?


Tiffany said...

I feel your pain - but you have goals, that's the first step!

Tammy said...

We all live with in what we have and it's never enough.