04 September 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I'm still tired from last weekend. This weekend had better be less eventful.
  2. I would LOVE a Snickers Ice Cream bar right now. The salty/caramelly/ice-creamy goodness is so fabulous.
  3. Some movie theater popcorn also sounds delicious. It's never quite the same when I make it at home.
  4. Of course if I had the popcorn, I'd also want some Faygo Rock n Rye soda. Not Cherry Coke this time - it's too late for all that caffeine.
  5. Oh! I'm trying Harriet's September Comment Challenge. It's just for 500 this month, so I think that's do-able.
  6. I can hear my husband picking up the baby's toys in the living room. I hope that doesn't mean he's mad at me for not doing it.
  7. I didn't even realize that President Obama was doing an address thingy for school children next week til I saw it on a forum. Apparently it's quite the hot issue. I can't wrap my head around exactly why. Other presidents have made similar addresses without the drama. Huh.
  8. I'm going to get to use my label maker in a few minutes to put away some old baby toys. I love using my label maker.
  9. My teeth need brushing.
  10. I still haven't cleaned out the back of my car from last weekend's adventures. So much for starting with a clean slate.


Shannon and Randy said...

I love my label maker too. I don't like it that Randy likes it though because he uses all my tape labeling his stuff!

siteseer said...

Sounds like your getting your appetite back. That's good. And don't worry about picking up toys...what does it take? two minutes? Label makers are cool