06 August 2009

Tell Me Thursday

It's Tell Me Thursday!

Maggie had a ball at her birthday party a couple weeks ago. She had a great way of loving every present like it was the only one she'd gotten that day! After we had opened everything that was inside, we headed outside to see her new sand and water table from Mimi and Papa. They'd come a little early to have it all set up for her - and she was certainly ready to play with it!


siteseer said...

She certainly loved everything she opened. You were a lot like that.

Momstart said...

That looks like a great toy

Court D said...

That does look like a great toy. Hope you don't have cats, ours turned Kaiya's into a big litter box. It was sad.

Julia said...

Hi Becki,
Did you notice that you won the dress from Shabby Apple?????

Julia at The Apron Goddesses