14 August 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. If you're ever tempted to file and paint your toenails in front of the computer, while sitting on a pilates ball - DON'T. I just almost learned this lesson the hard way.
  2. I need to get my picture stuff together this week if I'm going to try to go scrapbooking on Friday night. Well, and if hubby's work schedule cooperates so I can get out of here at a reasonable hour...we'll have to wait and see. But that means I need to be prepared regardless.
  3. I really, really, really hope Maggie sleeps through the night tonight - in her crib. She's usually super cooperative, but there have been a couple nights this week worthy of do-overs.
  4. Oh, and tomorrow night? I really hope she's in the mood to co-sleep peacefully. Keep your fingers crossed...
  5. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I'm really fond of ellipses...
  6. True story...
  7. I wanted to order one of the fancy Dove/Lands End logo shirts, but the sale ends today. I was hoping money would fall from the sky this afternoon to facilitate my purchase...no go, Flo.
  8. Hmm....after the few off nights this week, I can barely count to ten, much less think that many random thoughts. Sad, eh? After you have the baby (two years ago, here), the baby will continue eating your brain. Preggo brain? It's just something they say to reassure when you're pregnant. I don't think it every permanently goes away.
  9. The dryer is full of the baby's clothes...again. See, I never want to fold them when she's sleeping, because then the cat tries to lay on them while I can't get into her room to put them away. So they sit in the dryer until I can go in her room without risking waking her.
  10. A week ago? I was up til 3:00 AM having a blast with an old friend. You know the sort - you don't see each other for years but it's still a laugh-a-minute once you get together again? Good times, good times.


Mommy Kennedy said...

Hello my friend! I'm back from The Poconos! What a great week we had! Sure did miss you and your blog! See ya soon in Blogosphere!

siteseer said...

my random thoughts today are going to how tired I am.