28 July 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well, well, well. I've been bustling around checking on free stuff and money I'm ready to earn today. For FREE Shamwow Drying Cloths, go here (sometimes the link doesn't work - try again). Thanks to Luv a Bargain for pointing that one out!

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I just ordered some Homemade Cookies votives from PartyLite. Do those not totally sound delish??

I think tomorrow is the only day I don't have a bunch of plans. Maybe I'll take my old 35mm camera and my old digital camera to the eBay store and see if they can help me turn em into a few bucks instead. It kind of breaks my heart to get rid of the old 35mm, but really, who uses film anymore? Hopefully someone rich who wants to spend a lot of money on my old lonely camera.

We're on the home stretch to payday now! Knowing we're going to make it, it feels sort of exhilarating to have made it so far by not much more than my wits. I think I used to do this pretty regularly when I was single. Squeek as much out of a dollar as possible, and then try to get something else from the lint left in your pocket.

Oh, and about the monkey in my liquor cabinet? I was putting stuff together for Maggie's birthday the other day, and when I opened the cabinet where the cake decorating stuff is (which happens to share a cabinet with the liquor), I found a small plastic Rafiki (from the Lion King). I asked around a bit and figured out my husband's friend had put it there last time he visited. He figured it was better to have a monkey in the cabinet than a monkey on my back. Fair enough.

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Ahh... I get it now! It wasn't an inside joke or a euphanism... just a funny comment about a monkey in your liquor cabinet - plain and simple!