20 July 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

1.what is one thing that will put a great big ole smile on your face? Maggie. Without a doubt. Her latest is that she'll come in the room, say, "Boo. Did I scare you?" She cracks me up every time.

2.You're walking down the street toward a very familiar face. As you get closer you realize you do not remember this persons name at all. Do you speak with the chance that they'll want to stop and chat or do you pretend that you don't see the person?
I don't 'pretend I don't see them,' per se, but I just keep walking...if they say something, great.

3. Are you the Rock or the sponge of your household?
Yes. I absorb all the emotion, but I'm really only 'allowed' to be upbeat and positive for my daughter's sake. So I suppose I'm her rock, but also a sponge in general...

4. You have gone over to a friends for dinner. You look down at your plate and notice a great big ole hair hanging out from inside your sandwich. What do you do? Depends on how good of friends they are...Good friends I'd probably make a joke about it. People I just have to be nice to, I'd try to pull it out and eat around that spot...

5. If you HAD to name one....who would you say is your role model? Scarlett O'Hara. "I'll worry about that tomorrow."

6. Have you raised children? if so do you think your parenting skills were top notch or could have used a little help from Dr Phil?
I'm a parent of an almost two-year-old (only a few days left til she's two!). I don't think I'm doing too bad. There seem to be some pretty severe freak shows on Dr. Phil.

7. would your -(Past or present)- mate/spouse, significant other/whatever -say that living with you has been like a gentle breeze or more like a hurricane? I'd guess usually a gentle breeze. I hate conflict.

8. When you shop at the grocery store, do you always shop exactly by a list or just go helter skelter and hope that you get home with most of what you need? Usually helter skelter...


Lana said...

I rememeber so many things about my kids before they turned 3...I think the first 3 years is so dang cool. They are so funny!
Thanks for playing!!! Hugs

siteseer said...

So what do I say when she says "did I scare you?" Don't want to get it wrong.

Tammy said...

Maggie keeps coming up with such cute things.

I wouldn't be able to eat if there was a big hair in anything. YUCK

vange said...

If you REALLY wanna feel good about your parenting, watch that Nanny show. OMG. Best birth control ever!