17 July 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I was almost in bed just now, til I remembered there are baby clothes in the washer waiting to be re-rinsed and moved to the dryer. So now I've got a few minutes to kill. Lucky you. :P
  2. I finished the HUGE jawbreaker sucker that my husband brought back for me from his last trip to Vegas. There was a little bit of bubble gum at the very inside. Surprise, surprise.
  3. We don't have any family activities planned this weekend! I'll try and schedule Maggie's two-year pictures for Sunday morning before her nap.
  4. Hubby and his dad are working on the boat and/or trailer again tomorrow (I think it's actually the trailer brakes). I didn't get anything out to thaw for dinner tomorrow yet because I can't imagine eating. My tongue is totally raw. See #2.
  5. One bathroom got cleaned today while I had free use of a 'mother's helper' (girl across the street to entertain Maggie for a spell...). The other bathroom is still sadly coated in hairspray. Ew.
  6. While I've made jumps and starts at cleaning the office, it still needs some definite dedicated time. I think I may have the 'mother's helper' back next week so I can try and focus my energies here....
  7. Next week may be lonely! My mom and my closest mommy-friend are on vacation at the same time! Oh noes!
  8. This is Maggie's last weekend being one! She turns two next Thursday. Today she was singing Happy Birthday to You, and I have no idea where she picked it up from...
  9. I have the song from Bolt ("there is no home like the one you've got, cuz that home belongs to you...") stuck in my head. Again. The fact that we've watched Bolt like 347 times this week probably doesn't help. Maybe the song isn't stuck in my head and the movie is still replaying in my living room.
  10. The washer just finally finished rinsing, so I can go move the dryer-safe stuff to the dryer, hang up the other few things, and go to bed. Good night!

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