26 June 2009

Oh noes!

I keep thinking if I get out more, I won't feel as gloomy. You know, I'll get some fresh air, see the sights, exchange a few smiles. Today's big adventure was depositing a check at the credit union. We meandered over to that side of town, and as soon as I rolled into the drive-thru and put my window down, I heard Maggie in the back seat, "Tacos? Tacos?" See, she thinks anyone that has a drive-thru should give her tacos. (Think we've been to Taco Bell a few times?).

Not wanting to disappoint my little darling, we headed to the Taco Bell closest to the house. I pulled it and was thinking it was rather suspicious that there were NO cars. Guess what? MY Taco Bell was closed at 12:15 on a Friday. This is not right! The last time this happened was at a Taco Bell about a half hour from my house. I pulled in and there were signs on the windows that they were having computer problems. They failed to tell me that branch had gone the way of Circuit City - the next day the building was DEMOLISHED!

I'm sincerely hoping it was just a one-off that my Taco Bell was closed, but I'm really not optimistic :(


siteseer said...

LOL Too funny!! give the girl a TACO!!

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Oh dear. I'm a Taco Bell lover too. I would be SO Depressed if one of my Taco Bells closed! Hopefully, you have a lot nearby. I have 3 within a mile from work so I'm lucky!

So cute that Maggie wanted tacos... :-)

Court D said...

That is too funny! Kaiya does the same thing. We were at the pharmacy the other day and she kept saying 'food, food?' (We go to Taco Bell waaayyy too much too.)

katherine said...

Hahaha..funny. We also have Taco here in the Philippines and i love it..