31 May 2009

To-Do List, Starting Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the less-than-two-weeks countdown to Disney World, ya'll can keep my honest! Here's the stuff I should get done this week:
  1. Meet with guy about Fathers' Day present tomorrow AM.
  2. Meet with friends for lunch Wednesday - YAY!!
  3. Chocolate party on Friday night.
  4. Talk to chocolate party hostess before then (ya think?)
  5. Work at least 20 hours
  6. Finish up eBay sale!!! (Anyone need a car?)
  7. Take care of financial stuff for trip and other unexpected expense...
  8. Water front grass that looks exceptionally dead.
  9. Update chocolate web site to show June special.
  10. Get a few groceries and baby supplies.
  11. Plan SIL's birthday dinner with mom.
Somehow in writing this week doesn't sound like much. Why am I exhausted just thinking about it?

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siteseer said...

Just one thing at a time. Nothing to it.