08 May 2009

Let's Go To the Zoo!!

What a super fun week we're having!! One of the big highlights was going to the Columbus Zoo to meet up with friends.

What a blast! I pretty much just invited us along when I figured out it was only three hours away. We had a great time! I love taking the day away from work to do mommy stuff :)

Here's Maggie and Jake on the tiger (don't worry - just a fake one ;) ) after we saw the REAL tiger in his (or her?) habitat thingy (I hate to call it a cage, and it wasn't very cage-like...).

Sonja, Maggie and Jake on the manatee sculpture. Maggie (and any other child within reach) kept stealing poor Jake's alligator pincher-thingy. Sonja said he'd been wanting one for a long time...now I think everyone does! Hahaha

Maggie chillin in the massage chair outside the gift shop. She had to be getting pretty exhausted, but amazingly enough, none of the kids had a crazy melt-down all day!

In the car on the way home. I think she just wanted to get back on the road and get to sleep :)

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