10 May 2009

Just stories...

We were talking about funny magazine stories today at Mother's Day dinner. Not stories in magazines, but stories about magazines. It all started because the quesadillas SIL made for dinner were out of a magazine she subscribes to. As soon as she mentioned the magazine, her sister said, "Hey, that magazine comes to my house now. Anyone know anything about that?" We all sort of chuckled, because of course it was a gift from the SIL that's been getting it for a while..

With that out in the open, my husband piped in, "Does anyone know why my wife is getting Tennis magazine?" Not even in the right name. Not that I need identity theft protection, mind you, but it's coming in my maiden name, which I haven't used for years. I had already solved that mystery and forgotten to tell him. I apparently was 'chosen' by some marketing company or something. I finally called them and got removed from the list. They were killing trees over a magazine I never even opened the cover of.

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siteseer said...

I take it S's birthday hasn't rolled around yet and the surprise is kind of over lol. Glad you had a fun day