01 May 2009

Her Daddy's Daughter

Who needs a burglar alarm - I've got a toddler! Her latest fascination has been cars. When there's a lull in whatever we're doing, she points out cars to me. What will soon become her frustration, I'm sure, is that we live on a fairly busy road. So the poor girl can stand there for quite a while saying, "Car! Car! Vroom! Vroom! Car!" without really telling me anything I don't know, if you catch my drift.

Apparently hubby's had the company car for long enough to make an impression though. She can now recognize the sound of his regular car, or the bright red appearance of the company Challenger. Her voice goes up another octave and she starts yelling, "Daddy! Car! Vroom!" She definitely keeps me apprised of what's going on outside our big picture window.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

She has her Mommy's excitment for all things. Too cute