29 April 2009

Another Award (and it's a really fun one!)

The zombie chicken says...

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all…"

Thanks, Judi! I truly love this award. There have been so many people in my life who would really appreciate this award. Now it is my charge from the zombie chicken to pick five worthy recipients.

  • Amanda (who will soon be on Wheel of Fortune and I can say, "I knew her when...")
  • Becky (whose name I always spell wrong the first time I type it)
  • Girl (who I don't right now have a parenthetical for, but I think she'll really like this award :D)
  • Megan (who I can't say enough good things about - loser boys can't separate us, and neither can zombie chickens)
  • Jodi (who I also met through teh crazy internet...)


siteseer said...

congrats. you are truly deserving

Amanda West said...

Thanks for the award!!!! :)

I'm not quite on Wheel yet, hopefully I will be after the next round on May 14th though!!

Jodi said...

Thanks! Now to find my 5 worthy bloggers!

Megan said...

Awe yay! Thank you Becki. :D