31 March 2009


So much for that list.
  • The trash? Hubby forgot or missed it. I remembered, but when I looked down the street, everyone else's was gone. So apparently I missed it.
  • I designed the chocolate postcards, but can't get them copied til I get paid. Duh.
  • Uncle Bunny wasn't available. Luckily Maggie cooperated at the lab, so that's our good news for today :)
  • I'm mailing the dress in a minute...
  • Taco Bell was yummy. I liked when we pulled from the order window to the pick-up window and Maggie had heard me order...she started yelling, "Taco! Taco!"
  • Work? Not so much. Apparently the end of the quarter has arrived...there's not enough work for me to log in :(


siteseer said...

I love her excitement and enthusiasm.

Tammy said...

I think you did great! Love Taco Bell Yummmmmm.