28 March 2009


Here I sit, determined to post more regularly, but I've got nothing to say.

We've finally lined up a lazy weekend. Maggie and I were going to go with Mimi and Papa to see new baby cousin Olivia if Daddy was working on the car, but Daddy still needs more parts. So instead we'll go with Daddy to get his hair cut, then wander around the mall, pick up some new jeans for the grown-ups, summer shirts for mommy, and avoid being accosted by the salespeople for the acne treatments (even though our skin is clear...). Then Daddy has mentioned maybe we can still catch up and surprise everyone at the new baby's house after dinner. We'll just have to wait and see.

What are your big weekend plans? The weather has made things a bit weird here too. It looks springy, but they were actually calling for snow at one point, so I'm guessing it isn't warm yet..

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