29 March 2009

Busy Internet Day

I don't know what I would have been doing twenty years ago, but today I was very busy on the internet - actually accomplishing stuff. You can find anything on the internet - from real factual knowledge, to games to play and stuff to buy, to reviews of stuff like Colonix - good and bad.

I did indeed play some games. I also registered to make some meals on Wednesday with my sister in law, start an order for some business supplies that I'll get when I get paid this week, and format some business postcards to send (okay, just in Word instead of on the internet, but close enough ;) ).

The internet can be a huge distraction, but sometimes that's okay if you take into account how much time it can save you on the stuff you need to get done...


gail said...

The internet is a glorious thing.

I like games, even on the clock.

Oh was that a bad confession?

siteseer said...

Like so much technology they can be used for good or evil. Just gotta keep the evil at bay.

Tammy said...

I can't believe how fast time can go by when I'm blogging or surfing around. Why doesn't the time go fast when I'm working?