02 March 2009

Busy Bees!

Yessir. That's what Maggie and I have been today - busy bees! And...she finally got a new pair of BeeSqueakys - yay!! Her BeeSqueakys are pretty much the European version of the WeeSqueaks - shoes with removable squeakers in the heel. We love them! I can say 'we' because as soon as I put them on her little feet she gets all excited and jumps up and down, and I know I love them because I can hear where she is.

Having the new shoes means we accomplished our main goal for today, but the schedule kept getting more added to it. As long as I'm staying busy, I'll never need best weight loss pills, I don't have time to eat! Luckily part of our plans today included lunch with a friend. Matt had said he was free this week any day but Tuesday or Wednesday. At first thought, it wouldn't work since I'm not available Thursday or Friday. but then I remembered it was still morning when we were having this conversation. I called, and he was available today. Fun, fun, fun!

And as I've been writing this? My sister-in-law just called. She's coming over in a couple hours (when Maggie wakes up from her nap) to play with Maggie so I can keep working. Yay? Just kidding. As much as no one loves working, I'm very glad to have the opportunity in this economy. Remember, mama's baby always loves some new shoes!


Anonymous said...

We need pictures of Miss Mags in her new kicks!

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Yes, I agree. I want to see these shoes! I've never heard of them but with two, I think it would be good to know where they are!

siteseer said...

I love the new shoes. And I love to hear where she is.

Court D said...

I'll have to check these out, the added sound factor would be a bonus!