05 February 2009

Silly Girl!

Darn me for not working harder all the time! I took most of December off from my Chocolate business because I figured it was easier than trying to get people to book around the holidays, and because I wanted to take some time off for my own family and holiday stuff. Fair enough, and I'm not really complaining now.

But we have a new catalog next month! It's time to get excited again, and I don't have spending money for promotional product and stuff because...um, yeah...I took at least a month off! Oh well. Luckily I earned some free catalogs with one of the shows I actually did submit in December. I'll just have to wait before I can put fun stickers and stuff with them.


Tammy said...

My order came in yesterday. Your mom had all the stuff I think is yours.

Michelle said...

You have to take a break once in a while mom. It's hard working while taking care of a little one. Hope things pick up for you. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend.