20 January 2009

Another Award!

Well, the good news about a lack of appropriate work means I can work on my blog! Yay!! A while ago, Crazy Mom with 4 Boys gave me this award (and watch for another post later with yet another award I've been too busy to post for a while!).

I don't see any rules with this one, so I'm going to wing it and just pass it along to a few bloggers I have something in common with:
Michelle Lynn for living in cold, cold (lately) Michigan with me.
Jodi, another 'Michigan' sister!
Megan was my 'sister' on a mostly-boy site for a long time.
Amy and I were doing the same thing on the same day of the month for a few months. Hahahahahaha.....
The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs is an actual relative - my cousin out in California :)


siteseer said...

congrats. glad you had a minute to blog

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Thanks cousin!!

Tammy said...

Some times it is hard to find time for this stuff. But I'm glad you did. Love your blog.

Michelle Lynn said...

Oye. Amen on the cold.