22 December 2008

On to Plan B

As I wandered around the house this morning, feeding the baby her breakfast and then tiring her out for her morning nap, I saw a TON of stuff that needed to be done....first unpacking all the Christmas loot from yesterday (Yay!!), then cleaning up all the build-up to it strewn across the counter, catch up on the laundry that got pushed to the back burner while everything was so busy...etc...etc...etc... I started thinking about when I could squeeze out a few extra minutes to do a bit here and a bit there.

After my shower I got my big break. I tried to clock in to work, and there are only TWO reports in the queue (we're not allowed to clock in for less than ten reports :) ). So now I'm posting to let you all know that I'll be OFF THE COMPUTER for a bit today while I pick up the path of destruction left by all the inhabitants of our house and our holiday preparations. Yay for extra time (boo for missing paychecks, but hey...).

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

The good kind of destruction though right? :)