22 December 2008

On to Plan B

As I wandered around the house this morning, feeding the baby her breakfast and then tiring her out for her morning nap, I saw a TON of stuff that needed to be done....first unpacking all the Christmas loot from yesterday (Yay!!), then cleaning up all the build-up to it strewn across the counter, catch up on the laundry that got pushed to the back burner while everything was so busy...etc...etc...etc... I started thinking about when I could squeeze out a few extra minutes to do a bit here and a bit there.

After my shower I got my big break. I tried to clock in to work, and there are only TWO reports in the queue (we're not allowed to clock in for less than ten reports :) ). So now I'm posting to let you all know that I'll be OFF THE COMPUTER for a bit today while I pick up the path of destruction left by all the inhabitants of our house and our holiday preparations. Yay for extra time (boo for missing paychecks, but hey...).


Tiffany said...

The good kind of destruction though right? :)